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Texas Fracking Disclosure Laws

Texas has recently passed fracking disclosure laws, which require oil and gas companies to disclose, usually on the Internet, what chemicals they use in their fracking process. These laws are very helpful to determining if you are living near a fracking site that may be putting you and your family in danger, due to water contamination, salt water ponds, and other dangers that go along with hydraulic fracking. If you live near a fracking site and are concerned about the dangers of fracking, contact an attorney from our firm today to discuss your concerns, and see what can be discovered under the new Texas fracking disclosure laws.

The main purpose of fracking disclosure laws is for companies to disclose what chemicals they use in their “fracking fluids.” During the fracking process, a hole is drilled into the ground, and millions of gallons of a combination of water, sand, and chemicals in pumped into the ground. This combination of water, sand, and chemicals is known as “fracking fluid” and exactly which chemicals are put into the fracking fluid has been a closely guarded secret of the oil companies for years. However, in light of the health risks that fracking can pose, the recent disclosure laws require that companies reveal the chemicals that they use in their fracking fluids, since these chemicals can be soaked into the water supply and may cause contamination. Speaking with an experienced oil and gas law attorney can help you understand what your legal rights are in light of the new disclosure laws and if your area is being threatened by dangerous chemicals.

Learn About Fracking in Your Area

Amaro Law Firm has over 22 years of experience and we are not afraid to stand up to the large oil and gas companies that make their livings drilling and fracking throughout Texas. If you believe that you are in danger from the chemical process that oil and gas companies use, you may feel intimidated, or have no idea where to begin. Our firm can help you. We aggressively fight for our clients against oil companies that may use subversive or bullying techniques to get through the red tape of fracking and drilling regulations. Contact our firm today if you have questions about drilling and fracking in your area.