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Texas Company Files BP Lawsuit

June 20th, 2014

A Dallas-based company has filed a BP lawsuit in a Harris County court stating that the oil giant violated an agreement regarding workers’ compensation claims. The claims amount to millions of dollars and are related to reclamation efforts in the Gulf of Mexico after the massive oil spill in 2010. Fluor Corporation agreed to train numerous residents of the affected states to handle the cleanup operations as long as BP protected Fluor against any legal expenses, but attorneys for Fluor allege that BP didn’t hold up their end of the bargain.

Details of BP Lawsuit

The Texas company faced several claims against its former subsidiary, Plant Performance Services, due to the disaster. Fluor’s BP lawsuit stems from charges that the oil company was supposed to repay legal costs that it incurred from claims related to damage from the oil spill. Fluor sold off Plant Performance Services in June 2011, but still faces legal bills from the BP-related litigation. Fluor alleges that BP has refused to compensate the company and stand by its previous agreement.

Employees Also Involved in BP Lawsuits

Fluor started the cleanup efforts in May 2010, shortly after the oil spill, and brought on hundreds of previously-unemployed workers from Florida and Alabama. When BP canceled the cleanup projects prematurely, the employees also filed BP lawsuits, as well as suits against Fluor and Plant Performance, for misrepresenting the duration of the project. The BP lawsuits also allege that workers were exposed to toxic materials from the spill without adequate safety gear or precautions.

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Know Your Rights in a BP Lawsuit

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