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Surface Use Agreements

Protecting Landowners

Surface use agreements are contracts that exist between a landowner and an oil or gas company that addresses the inevitable damage that will be done to surface land during the process of developing the land for the extraction of valuable resources. Surface use agreements are separate from subsurface oil and gas leaseswhich focus on the rights of an energy company to natural gas or oil located beneath the surface. This type of legally-binding contract is critical for landowners who want to limit the activities of oil and gas drilling companies in order to prevent them from causing extensive damage. An experienced lawyer can provide valuable guidance throughout the negotiation process, and may be able to help to protect your privacy and added financial security.

If left unchecked, a dedicated drilling operation can wreak havoc on an owners land. One of the most important benefits of a surface user agreement is the ability to add elements that restrict an oil and gas drilling company in any number of ways. This can be utilized to limit acreage available to an operation, to specify where access roads may be located, to limit the negative effects of construction projects related to the operation and others. It is also extremely important to consider an adequate means of resolving lease disputes because conflicts can certainly arise and an amicable agreement may be quite challenging to arrive at without a pre-determined resolution mechanism in place.

Proposed Surface Use Agreements

Surface user agreements should always exist between oil or gas companies and the landowner in order to protect both parties from any unforeseen suffering or perceived unfairness during the life of the relationship. The Amaro Law Firm has extensive experience working on legal matters for large corporations as well as private landowners and other individuals. Because of our ability to identify with either party in oil and gas pipeline leases, surface user agreements, lease disputes and more, we bring to the table a tremendous, detail-oriented approach that may be able to address all of your important concerns when coming to an acceptable surface user agreement with those who want to drill on your land.