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Salt Water Ponds

Fracking, or hydraulic fracking, is a somewhat newer process in which a combination of sand, water and chemicals is pumped into the ground. The pressure of this “fracking fluid” being pumped into the ground causes fracturing in the rock layer underneath the surface, and this fracturing allows the natural gases and oils stored inside the rocks to be released. This can be an effective way of tapping into previously untouched gas and oil reserves. However, the process is highly unregulated, and can lead to water contamination, topsoil contamination, and other environmental and health issues. If you are considered about fracking in your area, contact an attorney from our firm today.

During the fracking process, the water that comes back out after drilling has occurred is called flowback. This flowback is considered industrial waste. While many companies do their best to purify this water and reuse it again in their fracking process, the contaminated water can still pose a threat until it is dealt with. Companies will store this water in a saltwater pond, until which time they can deal with it. While they may put up fences or security to prevent people from going near these ponds of industrial waste, wildlife, including birds and animals, may still have access to these ponds. This water can be poisonous to local wildlife, and they can spread this poison to other local wildlife. Additionally, dangerous algae has been known to grow in the flowback water, which, if transported to other bodies of water through the wildlife or even through the weather, can cause a mass kill of the fish and plant life living in those bodies of water.

Concerned about saltwater ponds in your area due to fracking?

Saltwater ponds due to fracking can be a real health hazard for the people that live near them. At Amaro Law Firm we are dedicated to helping our clients fight back against the big oil and gas companies. If you believe you, your family, or your property have been put in danger due to the residual effects of fracking in your area, contact our firm today to discuss your case with an experienced attorney and see what options are available to you.