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Royalty Beneficiaries

Can beneficiaries lose the right to royalties?

Since the start of the 20th century, Texas has been one of the most oil and gas-rich states in the entire nation. Many families have found astonishing financial success simply by owning land that contains valuable oil or natural gas deposits under the surface, and by being paid steady royalties from energy companies who extract those resources for processing and use by the masses. These royalties are obviously important in terms of the financial security they can provide to landowners and their beneficiaries in the event of death, and losing them would be a critical blow to the well-being of anyone who has a legitimate interest in the asset.

A key factor that plays a role in beneficiaries losing their right to royalties for subsurface oil and gas leases is the fact that these rights can be severed and separated. This means the rights to the minerals beneath the surface may be owned an entity other than the landowner. While this may be legitimate in the eyes of the law, it can cause complications in terms of keeping track of those interests and making sure that beneficiaries are information as to what their rights really are. An attorney is in the best position to assist you by making sure that your oil and gas interests are protected in the event of a transfer via trust, will or other means.

How to Protect Oil and Gas Royalty Beneficiaries

Oil and gas royalty beneficiaries are not always aware of their rights when it comes to the assets they may now legally own. Lack of knowledge is not a sufficient defense when seeking to be paid for lost royalties, or in situations where the rights are simply stolen out from under an unaware beneficiary. The Amaro Law Firm has worked to support oil and gas clients throughout Texas for 22 years, and is always prepared to help beneficiaries to receive the royalties they are legally entitled to through hard work, attention to detail, and a relentless drive to success that you simply won’t find anywhere else.