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Oil and Gas Pipeline Leases

Pipeline Lease Information in Texas

Many people may be familiar with the prospect of energy companies leasing land from landowners to conduct drilling operations in order to extract valuable resources such as oil or natural gas. A slightly lesser-known lease agreement involves pipelines, which connect active oil and natural gas wells to processing plants that make the fuel available for consumption by the masses. Corporations build these pipelines based on the land available to them through pipeline leases which give the company a right-of-way over the certain area of land that contains the pipeline.

The terms of an oil or natural gas pipeline lease agreement may seem unfair or disadvantageous for landowners. It is strongly advised that you consult the expertise of a skilled lawyer who has negotiated oil and gas pipeline lease agreements with great success in the past. There are many details within any oil or natural gas pipeline lease agreement, and it’s critical for any landowner to truly understand what the contract means in terms of access or rights to their own land. If done correctly, a successful oil or natural gas pipeline lease will contain all of the provisions necessary to allow the pipeline to exist without causing damage to property, or hardship to landowner.

Entering into a Pipeline Lease Agreement

The Amaro Law Firm has worked for over 20 years to provide residents and corporations throughout Texas with the highest-quality legal advice, support and representation for matters related tosurface use agreements, subsurface oil and gas leases, and evenbreach of contract when necessary. Our firm understands that both parties need to come away from an agreement having gained something, and we whole-heartedly believe that an amicable solution can be reached between any two parties. We will work hard to identify all areas of concern for our clients, and will leave no stone unturned when it comes to making sure you get the most beneficial oil and gas pipeline lease possible.