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Louisiana Oil Lawsuits Become Major Statewide Issue

August 7th, 2014

Decades of pollution from petroleum drilling and exploration efforts in the state have led to hundreds of Louisiana oil lawsuits against major industry operators. While the Louisiana oil lawsuits stemming from the BP oil spill of 2010 have garnered many of the headlines, other major petroleum companies have left their mark on the state known as the “Sportsman’s Paradise”. These “legacy lawsuits” stem back to the years prior to the state’s stiffer environmental laws, which has raised a contentious issue between Big Oil and the state that depends on the tax revenue and jobs the industry creates.

Former Governor Files Louisiana Oil Lawsuit

Even some of the state’s most prominent political players have filed Louisiana oil lawsuits. In 1996, then-Governor Mike Foster fought to restrict the rights of plaintiffs and their attorneys to file Louisiana oil lawsuits, even using the issue in his campaign advertising. However, in 2010, Mr. Foster filed a Louisiana oil lawsuit against Exxon on behalf of his firm, Maryland Company, claiming that the oil giant contaminated his property. After more than a hundred hearings over nearly three years, Mr. Foster received a multi-million dollar settlement from Exxon.

Landowners vs. Big Oil in Louisiana Oil Lawsuits

Despite some portrayals in the media, the Louisiana oil lawsuits have been less about “David vs. Goliath” than about rich landowners vs. even richer oil companies. Many of the state’s wealthiest landowners have filed Louisiana oil lawsuits, claiming that oilfield operations from decades past have contaminated their property. Some of the plaintiffs in these Louisiana oil lawsuits have even been active participants in the oil industry. William Dore’, founder of Dore’ Energy Group and former member of the powerful Louisiana Oil and Gas Association, won a $57 million remediation judgment in a Louisiana oil lawsuit.

State Legislators Pursue Louisiana Oil Lawsuits

Even former legislators often become involved in Louisiana oil lawsuits. Former state senator and Democratic Party Chairman Buddy Leach received a $15 million settlement for his company, Sweet Lake Land and Oil, from a legacy lawsuit. Republican State Senator Bret Allain also filed a Louisiana oil lawsuit in 2007. Although Senator Allain did not receive a monetary settlement, he did receive a promise from the company to clean up the contaminated land. Coincidentally, Senator Allain led the charge to stop the lawsuit filed by the New Orleans Levee Board against nearly 100 oil and gas companies for damages to the state’s wetlands.

Source: The Town Talk

Know Your Rights in a Louisiana Oil Lawsuit

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