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Justice Department Files Suit Against ATP Oil & Gas Corp.

March 1st, 2013

According an article featured in the Washington Post, the United States Justice Department is suing a Houston-based company it accuses of illegally discharging oil from a platform in the Gulf of Mexico. The federal government has actively played a role in tightening regulations on off shore drilling since the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster in April of 2010.

Reportedly, the lawsuit was filed Monday in New Orleans against ATP Oil & Gas Corp. The company is accused of violating the sections of the Clean Water Act. Environmental pollution has become a growing concern of both the public and legislature over the past decade. Laws like the Clean Water Act were passed to hold energy companies accountable for damage to the environment. ATP is being charged for releasing an illegal amount of oil into the ocean and then using unauthorized chemicals to hide it. Now that the lawsuit is filed, the government will most likely subpoena the testimony of many of the workers involved. They will be required to give sworn testimony in federal court about ATP’s operating procedures.

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