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Improper Road Maintenance

The Impacts on Oil or Gas Lease Agreements

Improper road maintenance issues can turn into a very serious problem for commercial drilling operations and private landowners alike. When access roads that lead to oil or natural gas drilling sites are not maintained properly, they become susceptible to erosion, debris and other effects that can greatly increase the risk of a shale truck accident or other accident that results in personal injury or costly damage to property. If you have some involvement in an accident of this nature, consult an attorney who understands how liability is assigned in accidents or damage related to improper road maintenance.

Surface use agreements are legally-binding contracts that outline a set of regulations and requirements that a landowner and commercial entity must follow in order to avoid legal ramifications. An experienced lawyer will be sure that any agreement contains stipulations that address road maintenance and the requirement for proper upkeep. Violation of these guidelines can result in financial penalties and other consequences that could spell disaster for an otherwise fruitful relationship.

Confronting Road Maintenance Violations

The Amaro Law Firm has over 22 years of experience supporting clients through a variety of issues related to oil and gas law in Texas. We can represent commercial entities, landowners, and individuals who have suffered personal injury due to accidents caused by improper road maintenance. Because we have worked both sides of this type of case, our attorneys are uniquely equipped with an insight into the other side that can prove a distinct advantage. Our firm is focused on the success of your case, and our knowledge of improper road maintenance issues may be a key factor in achieving your favorable result.