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Hydraulic Fracking

Hydraulic fracturing, more commonly known as “hydraulic fracking,” or just “fracking,” is a process that is used to extract untouched oil and natural gas reserves from layers of rock under the ground. The process of fracking is still somewhat new, and it is not closely regulated, though more laws, such as the Texas fracking disclosure laws, are being passed every day to protect the citizens of Texas from the dangers of fracking. If you live near a fracking site and are concerned about the affects it may be having on you and your family’s health, as well the environment in which you live, contact a lawyer from our firm today.

The process of fracking involves drilling a small, but deep hole into the ground. After going down several thousand feet, the hole is then spread outward, sometimes as wide as a mile or more. Once this is completed, “fracking fluid,” a combination of water, sand, and chemicals is pumped into the hole. The purpose of this is to greatly increase the pressure underground, which causes fracturing of the rock layer that the hole has been cut into. This fracturing effectively releases previously untouched oil and gas reserves that were hidden in the rock layer. The dangers of fracking can come from the fracturing of the ground itself, which can cause small earthquakes in the surrounding areas. Additionally, the millions of gallons of water that are pumped into the ground to cause the fracturing can come back up. This water, called flowback, is contaminated at this point, and requires proper disposal by the drilling companies. Sometimes this water can soak into the soil, causing water contamination as well as topsoil contamination. This can be deadly for the people, wildlife, and environment surrounding the fracking site.

Do you live near a hydraulic fracking site?

At Amaro Law Firm we are dedicated to helping our clients with their fracking concerns. We understand how scary it can be to learn that there is fracking going on near where you live. However, standing up to large oil and gas companies can be extremely intimidating. Having an experienced oil and gas law attorney on your side will give you peace of mind. We will aggressively fight for you in order to protect you, your family, and your property.