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Hazardous Waste and Pollution Issues

Pollution in the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil or natural gas drilling and extraction are fraught with risks including explosions and fires, workplace accidents, surface user agreement conflicts and much more. One critical concern when conducting an oil or gas drilling operation is the disposal of hazardous waste and pollution issues related to tainted groundwater andflowback water spills resulting from oil well or pipeline accidents. If any of these events occur, speak with a lawyer immediately to begin building a case to defend yourself, or to pursue compensation for damages suffered.

Oil spills can cause a great deal of damage to the surrounding environment for many years to come, and the costs of cleanup are often astronomical. Another growing concern stems from a relatively new practice known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. This new technology involves the use of highly-pressurized liquids and materials such as sand or special ceramic beads to fracture the rock beneath the surface, allowing natural gas to escape for extraction. Although hydraulic fracturing has been proven effective in the collection of natural gas, there is a great deal of controversy around the speculation that this practice can, and has tainted water supplies, potentially impacting the health of countless individuals.

Liability for Hazardous Waste and Pollution

In many cases, the corporations engaged in drilling and extraction are held responsible for the illegal dumping of hazardous waste, or other pollution issues stemming from accidents or negligent maintenance and cleanup practices. In other cases, however, landowners may be held responsible for any actions that occur on their land. The Amaro Law Firm is experienced in legal matters related to hazardous waste and pollution in the oil and gas industry. We can negotiate oil and gas lease agreements that protect landowners or commercial entities, or seek compensation where hazardous waste and pollution have caused personal injury. We work hard to provide our clients with the highest level of legal representation available, and our skilled support can mean a distinct advantage both in business and the courtroom.