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Groups File Fracking Lawsuits Against Obama, EPA

January 15th, 2015

Environmental groups have filed two separate federal fracking lawsuits, one against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and one against the Obama administration. The fracking lawsuits are seeking access to data gathered on the toxic chemicals released in the fracking process. A group known as the Environmental Integrity Project has filed the suit against the EPA, while the Center for Biological Diversity lodged its complaint against the Obama administration.

Details of EPA Fracking Lawsuit

The Environmental Integrity Project is a coalition of nine groups advocating environmental policies and freedom of information access. The EIP has filed the fracking lawsuit against the EPA. The suit is seeking to have the EPA require oil and gas companies to meet the same requirements for reporting toxic emissions as other industries. The fracking lawsuit claims that the level of toxic chemicals released by fracking operations has not been fully reported, even as industries such as coal mines and electric utilities are required to report their emissions into the EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory database.

Industry Opposes Fracking Lawsuit

An oil industry spokesperson criticized the EPA fracking lawsuit by stating that a successful claim would force energy producers into complying with unnecessary reporting requirements. In a press release from the Independent Petroleum Association of America, the spokesperson stated that the fracking lawsuit “fails to grasp” the fact that the EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory database was not designed to cover oil and gas exploration. The statement also cited that the oil industry is already subjected to numerous federal and state regulations, so reporting its emissions data to the EPA database would be redundant.

Details of Obama Fracking Lawsuit

In a separate fracking lawsuit, the Tuscon-based group Center for Biological Diversity filed a complaint against the Obama administration seeking records on the extent of fracking activities in the Gulf of Mexico. The fracking lawsuit claims that the Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement has failed to comply with the group’s open records request regarding “where, when and how much fracking has occurred” in the Gulf.

Fracking Lawsuit Seeks Records on Gulf Coast Wells

The fracking lawsuit against the Interior Department cites that the Obama administration has issued at least 115 licenses for fracking wells in the Gulf of Mexico. However, the fracking lawsuit also states that the government has neither released the full number of licensed wells, nor has it released the details of the activities at those wells.

Source: Bloomberg 

Know Your Rights in a Fracking Lawsuit

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