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Fracking Accident Kills 1, Injures 2 Others

November 13th, 2014

Three Colorado men were injured, one fatally, in an oil field fracking accident. The workers were attempting to heat a high-pressure fluid line when it ruptured. The impact from the fluid bursting from the pipe struck and killed one of the workers and left the other two seriously injured. The fluid in the pipe had frozen after overnight temperatures at the oil filed dropped to five below zero. Inspectors with the Occupational Health and Safety Administration are investigating the causes behind the fracking accident.

High Pressure Fluids Lead to Fracking Accidents

The Colorado fracking accident is not an uncommon occurrence in the country’s oil patches. The practice of hydraulic fracturing involves the injection of high pressure fluids into underground deposits of petroleum or natural gas. The fracking fluid typically consists of a mixture of water, sand, abrasives and toxic chemicals. The expansion of these operations has led to fracking accidents ranging from toxic chemical disposal mishaps to traffic incidents involving the heavy trucks that carry the waste fluids.

Well Shut Down After Fracking Accident

Supervisors ordered that the well be shut down after the fracking accident. The well where the fatal fracking accident occurred was operated by Anadarko Petroleum. The workers were contractors supplied by Halliburton, the oil exploration company previously led by former Vice President Dick Cheney. A Halliburton spokesperson released a statement from the company saying that it was assisting the Weld County Sheriff’s Office and other local authorities in their investigation of the accident.

Fracking Accident Highlights “Dangerous Industry”

While this fatal fracking accident was the first such incident to occur at the Anadarko site, industry observers have noted the dangers involved in this new method of energy exploration. Herb Gibson, the Colorado area director for OSHA, told reporters that fracking is “definitely a dangerous industry” and that three of his inspectors would examine the fracking accident site to determine if it could have been prevented.

Source: ABC News 

Ohio Man Injured in Fracking Accident

Late last month, an Ohio oilfield worker was injured in an explosion related to a fracking accident. The man was airlifted to Akron Children’s Hospital, where he was transferred to the facility’s burn unit. Local authorities did not elaborate on the cause of the explosion, nor did they release his name or reveal the extent of his injuries. Eclipse Resources, a Pennsylvania-based oil and gas exploration firm, owned the site were the fracking accident occurred.

Source: Coshocton Tribune

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