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Explosions & Fires

How can explosions & fires occur in gas drilling?

Given the level of potential danger that can exist at a well site at any given time, the risk of explosions and fires is always quite high. This type of accident can have devastating effects on nearby oil and gas workers, on property that suffers extensive fire damage, and also on the well operation itself. There may be a lot of liability issues in the event of an explosion or fire on a well site operation, and the support of a skilled attorney is critical for both commercial operations as well as private landowners.

Explosions and fires occur at well drilling sites for a wide variety of reasons, such as defective machinery and equipment that may fail and cause a devastating chain of events. Worker negligence can also play an instrumental role in an accident when hydraulic fracturing orlateral drilling attempts compromise the integrity of water supplies by tainting them with the natural gas or flowback water being extracted. This type of mistake can result in flammable fuel being released into water supplies, and may even be unknowingly used by a well site for pumping, which can increase the risk of an explosion or fire exponentially.

Seeking Damages in Explosions and Fires

There are a lot of bases to cover in the event of an explosion or fire that causes damage to property, structures or personal injury to workers and bystanders alike. The Amaro Law Firm specializes in personal injury as it relates to oil and gas law. Our accomplished attorneys have successfully represented the needs and concerns of many individuals who seek damages for injuries sustained in explosions and fires, as well as offering protection for commercial drilling operations that seek to avoid liability. We are deeply-experienced and highly-skilled in the realm of oil and gas law, and will work hard to see your dispute to a favorable outcome.