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Excessive Road Construction

How does excessive road construction impact landowner surface use?

While surface use agreements serve to protect both drilling operations and landowners from various forms of misuse and abuse, situations continue to arise where the commercial entities involved take greater and greater liberties on your land. Common problems that may occur include noise violations, improper road maintenance,hazardous waste and pollution issues in addition to many others. Excessive road construction is another problem that landowners may experience, which can impede convenience and seriously complicate transportation in and around property.

Subsurface oil and gas leases and surface use agreements exist to protect commercial drilling operations and landowners in a variety of ways. One such protection that may be stipulated in a surface use agreement may address excessive road construction. If left unchecked, the corporations associated with well drilling operations on your land may take increasingly bolder actions in terms of road construction that could result in breach of contract if pursued. Violations are difficult for landowners to plan for and work around because they are prohibited in a quality surface use agreement, and thus may come as a surprise. Landowners may experience road blockages and lengthy detours that can make travel throughout a piece of property next to impossible.

Legal Support for Excessive Road Construction

Excessive road construction can have devastating effects, especially for landowners who depend on the ability to efficiently traverse their land. The skilled team of attorneys with the Amaro Law Firm has a deep understanding of oil and gas law including different contracts and regulations that may apply to any given situation. We are prepared to assist commercial entities as well as landowners and others who are engaged in conflicts involving oil and gas law. Our firm can guide clients to satisfaction through detailed legal support and representation when necessary. We are committed to the success of our clients, and will exhaust every opportunity to see that your needs are met.