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Easement to Transport Gas

If you have been contacted by a gas company and asked if you would be willing to have an easement put on your property, you probably have a lot of questions. Oil and gas law is a complex area of the law that requires an expert’s knowledge and experience to understand. If you are negotiating with a gas company to put an easement to transport gas on your property, you should seriously consider contacting an attorney from our firm to help you with this process. Before you sign any agreements, you should have an attorney look over the contract, and make sure you are not getting bullied into a less than desirable deal for you and your property.

While an easement to transport gas raises many of the same concerns as any oil and gas easement, there are particular concerns when the easement is to transport natural gas. While a leak or other problem with the easement is rare, if such an occurrence happens, it can be dangerous for you, your family and your property. It is important to make sure all of these issues are addressed in the contract, and that there is a maintenance plan in place for the pipeline, as well as someone you can contact if an issue arises. In certain cases, you may not be able to expand or develop your property near the pipeline site. Though rare, it is essential that you are aware of the potential damages that can occur to your property, including property contamination and water contamination. An attorney from our firm can help you understand these risks and make sure you are protected in your contract with the gas company.

Asked to put an easement on your property?

Amaro Law Firm has over 22 years of experience helping our clients negotiate their easement contracts. We know what to look for in an easement agreement and will aggressively fight against the big gas companies to make sure you and your property are protected. It can be intimidating going against a major gas company, but when it comes to your property, you deserve to have the peace of mind knowing that your contract is fair to you and your rights. Our firm is dedicated to helping our clients negotiate their contracts so that they feel secure allowing an easement on their property.