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Eagle Ford Shale

Eagle Ford Shale is a source rock formation that was first discovered at Eagle Ford, Texas where clay portions of the formation are accessible from the surface. Positioned directly beneath the Austin Chalk Shale, Eagle Ford Shale has been known to yield many different types of valuable resources such as dry gas, wet gas, natural gas liquids and oil. This large formation spans some 30 counties in southern Texas, and these areas have seen a great expansion of activity in terms of oil and natural gas drilling operations in recent years, anywhere from 4,000 to 14,000 feet beneath the surface.

Due mainly to increased oil prices in comparison to natural gas, much of the drilling operations in the Eagle Ford Shale are presently focused on the extraction of oil, condensate and natural gas liquids such as propane or butane. There are over 200 oil and gas drilling companies operating in southern Texas, and this number is expected to increase as the demand for natural gas rises around the world. When considering an oil or lease agreement from the perspective of a landowner or drill operator, a lawyer can help to provide insight into the terms of a proposed agreement.

Seeking oil and gas leases for commercial drilling?

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