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Eagle Ford Shale Boom Brings More 18-Wheeler Wrecks

August 31st, 2012

Many long time residents of La Salle County, Texas remember a time when the community was struggling economically. However, lately, that has not been the case in the region. Locals say that business has started booming, hundreds of trucks now travel through the county every day, and many new people have moved to the area. Local officials attribute the recent economic boost to the natural gas boom which is taking place in the Eagle Ford shale. Sources the discovery of natural gas in the area has turned it into one of the fasted growing areas in the state.

However, as the La Salle County Sherriff’s Department has been pointed out, prosperity does not come without some growing pains. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, there have been over 1,200 auto accidents involving 18-wheelers since 2011. Further, DPS reports that there have been 25 deaths in the 19 county region on which the Eagle Ford Shale is located. Local officials say the rise in auto accidents can be explained by the increase in traffic and the increase in wear and tear to the county’s roads. In fact, after several fatal accidents, members of the community are calling on the trucking companies to do more to protect others on the road. According to lawsuits stemming from these accidents, suing the trucking companies in a court of law is one of the only ways to deter trucking companies from acting unsafely and cutting corners. Mayors of cities in the area also complain of the increased truck traffic in residential areas and hope to develop ways to redirect the trucks around the residential zones.

On the other hand, many locals argue that the pros outweigh the cons in the situation because the oil and gas boom has brought unimaginable prosperity to the once secluded region of the state.

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