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Drill Stem Testing Fraud

When oil and gas operation companies need information to help determine if they should complete a well, they often turn to drill stem testing to obtain important sampling information. The data from this type of wellbore testing establishes the probability of commercial oil production. Unfortunately, however, fraudulent drill stem testing sometimes occurs in the industry. If you have been accused of fraudulent drill stem testing or have concerns about possible deception in this area, please contact a lawyer at the Amaro Law Firm at your earliest opportunity. We will schedule a no-cost consultation with you, go over the facts of your case and provide a solid recommendation as to the best way for you to proceed.

Our firm has wide-spread oil and gas law experience , and offers services ranging from drafting leases and agreements such as oil and gas pipeline leases and drilling and operating agreements to resolutions of breach of contractlease disputes and improper road maintenance. We have represented clients in diverse areas of the oil and gas industry for 22 years and through our advanced knowledge of the law and our wide-ranging client representation, have become exceedingly adept at fighting effectively for our clients’ rights.

Our goal is to provide you with superior legal representation so that your rights are preserved and you are afforded the best chance of a favorable outcome in your case. Rest assured that we are “In It to Win It” for you! Drill stem testing is only one of many techniques employed to determine if a well is viable and should be completed. Depending on the area being tested, three types of drill stem testing methods are used, including: the open-hole single packer test, the open-hole straddle packer test and the hook-wall packer test.