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Dangers of Fracking

As residents of Texas, you are well aware of the constant search for more oil and natural gas. Texas has the most oil drilling of any state in the country, and there are certain risks that go along with the quest to find more oil and gas. One process that has come under scrutiny lately is fracking, or hydraulic fracking. This is the process of pumping a combination of sand, water, and chemicals into the ground. This increases pressure underground and causes fracturing to occur, the purpose of which is to release hidden stores of oil and natural gas from within the rock layer that is fractured. However, it has recently come to light that fracking can pose serious dangers and health risks to residents living in surrounding areas. If you live near a fracking site, contact an attorney from our firm today to discuss your case and find out if you or your family may be in danger from the fracking process.

The most preeminent danger of fracking is water contamination. After drilling and pumping the water underground, a large amount of water, called flowback, comes back up. This water is contaminated, and is considered industrial waste. There can be millions of gallons of this flowback for companies to deal with. Companies generally store this flowback in ponds. This can be dangerous, because as the flowback soaks back into the earth, it can contaminate the local water supply, as well as the topsoil of the area, which can in turn damage or destroy the crops of the local agriculture, and the wildlife and livestock of the surrounding areas.

The damages can be severe, affecting agriculture, livestock, the environment, and worst of all, the residents of this area. Drinking contaminated water can have devastating effects on the health of the residents, some of which may not be apparent for years, and therefore go without treatment. Sometimes the illnesses are not noticed until treatment is too late. The health risks that can go along with fracking cannot be overstated, and until this process becomes more regulated, it is important that residents near fracking sites are vigilant in protecting themselves from the chemical damages that can occur.

Handling Fracking Cases in Texas

Amaro Law Firm has over 22 years of experience in the areas of oil and gas law, and we understand how scary it can be to learn that you live near a fracking site. It is important to stay calm and know that you may not be at risk. Speaking with an attorney can help you determine if you have cause for concern. We are dedicated to representing our clients in dealings with large oil and gas companies. It can be intimidating standing up to a large oil or gas company, and having legal representation you can count on will make it easier to stand up for you, your family, and your property.