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Breach of Contract

What breaches of contract can occur in leases?

Oil and natural gas leases are often complicated, involving a wide variety of stipulations as set forth, by landowner or drilling party, in order to provide for any number of different outcomes. In many cases, landowners are concerned with the important matters of payment, privacy, access to and damage to their land as well as the potential environmental repercussions of any drilling operations that take place. When one party violates the terms of a surface use agreement, oil and gas lease or pipeline lease agreement, an attorney may be able to provide the kind of skilled legal representation and support services and result in client success.

There is a multitude of ways in which a contract may be breached, either by landowner or the corporation responsible for a drilling operation. When these disputes cannot be resolved by normal means, the matter may be escalated to the court in an effort to find the best possible solution. Bear in mind, the court will find a solution that makes the most sense in terms of what the contract says and the perceived violation. There are penalties for violating the terms of a contract that may have far-reaching consequences for either party, and these breaches are not to be taken lightly.

Pursuing Breach of Contract Disputes

The Amaro Law Firm specializes in providing expert-level legal assistance to individuals and corporations who are experiencing a breach of contract and want to take action against the responsible party. Our firm has represented many clients throughout Texas to find the right solutions in court, and we can devise a strategy that will seek to identify the violation and take appropriate action to either contest or defend, depending on the position of the client. We have a very deep understanding of oil and gas law in Texas, as well as a keen business sense and knowledge of contracts and agreements that can go a long way in making sure you have all of the information and understanding you need. We will explore every plausible opportunity to see your case to a successful outcome, and will work hard to see that your rights are represented respectably in court.