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Thousands of North Dakota landowners have filed fracking lawsuits against the state’s major energy companies. The suits claim that the oil and gas drillers owe them millions of dollars in unpaid royalties and lease payments. The steep drop in oil prices has led many drilling companies to abandon thousands of wells across the state. Many

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PA Families Win $4.24M in Fracking Lawsuit

March 15th, 2016 by James Amaro

Two Pennsylvania families were awarded a collective $4.24 million in their fracking lawsuit against a Houston-based energy company. An eight-person jury awarded the Ely and Hubert families with an historic verdict in their fracking lawsuit against Cabot Oil & Gas. Attorneys for Cabot claimed that defense counsel acted inappropriately and filed a motion with U.S.

Members of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission requested that the state’s oil and natural gas drillers cut back their fracking wastewater disposal operations. The state agency asked producers to reduce their injections of fracking wastewater into underground wells as part of a study on the high number of intense earthquakes in areas with heavy fracking activity.

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Illinois Landowners File Fracking Lawsuit

March 1st, 2016 by James Amaro

A group of Illinois landowners filed a fracking lawsuit against the state’s Department of Natural Resources. The suit seeks to challenge a 2013 law regulating fracking activities in the state. The fracking lawsuit claims that the state did not follow legal procedures in developing the law. The affected landowners also allege that they were not