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Many South Texas officials are starting to take note of the downside of the natural gas boom which has occurred in the Eagle Ford shale area. Although the rise in natural gas exploration has drastically helped the local economy, the reality is that the pavement is almost gone in some spots, ripped up by thousands

According to recent reports, the Canadian company TransCanada has reaffirmed its plan to restart the Keystone oil pipeline through the Midwest. However, sources say that bad weather is slowing down work on the project. Reportedly, TransCanada shut down the 2,100-mile pipeline after tests showed possible safety issues. TransCanada representative Shawn Howard has said that no

Oil and Gas Boom Damaging Texas Roads

October 12th, 2012 by James Amaro

According to many local sources, the roads in Karnes County Texas are in desperate need of repair. Locals say the conditions of the roads are due to the increase of traffic caused by the oil and gas boom inside the county. Local authorities also say the increase in traffic accidents can be attributed to the