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Eagle Ford Shale Boom Brings More 18-Wheeler Wrecks

August 31st, 2012 by James Amaro

Many long time residents of La Salle County, Texas remember a time when the community was struggling economically. However, lately, that has not been the case in the region. Locals say that business has started booming, hundreds of trucks now travel through the county every day, and many new people have moved to the area.

According to an article featured in the Washington Post, Bill Harris, a Lamar County judge has ruled that TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline has the right of eminent domain. TransCanada is a gas company which is attempting to build one of the largest pipelines in North America which will transport crude oil from Canada to Port

According to an article published by StateImpact, a local reporting project of NPR, hydraulic fracking disposal wells may be causing earthquakes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Pursuant to a new study conducted by the University of Texas, seismologists believe that wells used to dispose of hydraulic fracking waste water may be responsible for the recent

According to recent reports, federal workplace watchdog groups are now warning that the recent rise in hydraulic fracking is now exposing oil field workers to dangerous air toxins which can be inhaled. This risk is in addition to the other multitude of risks which accompany a job in the oil field. Reportedly, a “Hazard Alert”

According to recent reports, state environmental regulators are using helicopters equipped with advanced lenses to monitor gas and oil well sites across the country. Environmental regulators say they are looking for toxic vapor leaks that would otherwise be invisible. Sources say the leaks are from open hatches or bad valves on tanks and pipes. However,

According to an article featured by StateImpact, a sub-organization of NPR, the results of a study done by a University of Texas professor earlier this year on hydraulic fracking may have been tainted by money. StateImpact reports that study conducted by Dr. Charles Groat for the Energy Institute at the University of Texas made headlines

Decision Expected in Eminent Domain Pipeline Case

August 20th, 2012 by James Amaro

According to an article featured by StateImpact, Judge Bill Harris of Lamar County heard arguments in a pre-trial hearing about the Keystone XL pipline’s use of eminent domain in North Texas. Julia Trigg and her attorney faced off against a team of TransCanada attorneys over the use of her land to construct the pipeline. According

Law Enforcements Comes Down on Illegal Oil Dumpers

August 3rd, 2012 by James Amaro

Accordingto sources in Jim Wells County, local law enforcement has begun a newinitiative to bring illegal oil field waste haulers to justice. Locals say the law enforcement crackdown isalso helping reduce oily slicks that can cause traffic accidents and poseenvironmental hazards. According topublic reports, 21 people pleaded guilty in June, eight requested atrial, and nine