Texas Oil and Gas Lawyer

Over 22 Years of Experience

When you are involved in a business contract of any kind with an oil or gas company, it is critical that you ensure that your interests and rights are protected with the help of a qualified attorney. Whether you were injured, have a mineral rights legal issue to contend with, or are a small service company that is dealing with a breach of contract, you want to have legal representation that knows how to take action against large oil companies and fight effectively for you or your company.

At Amaro Law Firm, we represent individuals and small businesses facing legal concerns with large oil and gas companies and are committed to providing our clients with professional and compassionate legal advocacy. Every year we recover millions of dollars for our clients, and our 22 years of experience allows you to have the highest level of legal representation in all such matters. We have gained a reputation as aggressive and relentless advocates for our clients and have a 99.9% success rate in settlements and verdicts.

Advocates for Small Businesses and Individuals

The firm represents both individuals and businesses in a wide range of legal issues involving oil & gas law, including negotiating BP claims,subsurface oil and gas leases, surface use agreements, oil and gas pipeline leases, and litigating lease disputes. Legal matters surrounding royalty beneficiaries, any breach of contract, issues related to oil and gas easements, or easement to transport gas can all be professionally addressed by our firm with your interests and rights as our only concern. We address legal issues or damages related to fracking, salt water ponds, and are exceptionally well versed in the dangers of fracking and the Texas fracking disclosure laws, as well as hydraulic fracking.

We are committed to seeking compensation in claims involving EPAviolations, property contamination, and water contamination. If you are facing legal issues surrounding drilling & operating agreements,drill stem testing fraud, lateral drilling, or horizontal drilling, our firm can assist you. We are committed to providing the highest level of legal counsel in all legal matters involving shale gas, including Eagle Ford shale, Barnett shale, the Bakken formation, Haynesville shale, as well as claims related to explosions & fires, hazardous waste and pollution issues, improper road maintenance, excessive road construction, noise violations, mining & reclamation, and flowback water.

We are dedicated assisting clients who are still dealing with the aftermath of the BP oil spill. Even though the Deepwater Horizon oil spill was over two years ago, there are many who are still dealing with the consequences of this disaster. Workers who were involved in the clean-up or who were present at the time of the incident are still suffering from adverse effects on their health from the chemicals used. Other people suffered financially because of the spill as their means to support themselves could have been hindered. Even though there are billions of dollars set aside to compensate those who file a claim, this process can be slow and difficult. For this reason, we highly recommend that you have a strong legal representative on your side if you are going to file a BP claim. We have stayed up to date with the changes in this situation and are committed to helping secure you justice.

99.9% Success in Settlements and in Court

Our legal team is highly qualified and experienced in all aspects of contractual law, as well as injury claims against large corporations. We have a high level of technical understanding of complex business issues involving oil and gas law. As the “little guy” can be steamrollered by these large companies and their teams of corporate attorneys, you want to know you have representation that has the skills and depth of legal understanding to fight back effectively, both in negotiations and in court. Prior to his education as an attorney, our lead counsel, R. James Amaro, had three years of university training in chemical engineering. He and the legal team at the firm fully understand the challenges that entrepreneurs and small businesses face when working with oil and gas firms, both on a legal and technical basis. In any dispute it is crucial that your attorney is fully up to date with all federal and state regulations and has extensive experience and a proven record of settlements and verdicts.

We urge you to contact our firm as early as possible so that we can protect you and your rights. It may appear to be a daunting situation when trying to get a legal issue with a large oil or gas company resolved, but our background includes working for a large insurance company and we have great insight into how best to manage both injury claims as well as any contract dispute or other legal matter involving these large corporate entities. Don’t be taken advantage of; you deserve to have qualified legal counsel that will hold large companies accountable for their actions.